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UV Smart was founded in 2017 by Daan Hoek and Thijs Kea. They saw a growing need for disinfection methods in healthcare settings. The rise of resistant bacteria, a higher patient turnover and the increasing use of innovative medical devices pose a major risk to the safety of patients and care workers. With these developments, a disinfectant cloth as the only solution seems obsolete, so they started looking for a new method.


UV Smart is currently working with a team of 9 people on the development of the D25. This disinfection solution for small medical equipment is expected on the market at the end of 2019. Clinical validation for the disinfection of endoscopes and ultrasound probes with the D60 will be carried out in 2019 to enable market introduction in 2020. Contact us for more information or visit us in Delft.


UV Smart D25

Consistent and repeatable disinfection of electrical medical equipment and materials. The UV Smart D25 validates every cycle of 25 seconds to ensure a guaranteed log-5 bacterial reduction. By an intuitive handling of the device patients & healthcare workers are protected against the spread of resistant bacteria.

UV Smart D60

A faster turnaround time of channelless endoscopes and invasive probes. In just three steps UV Smart delivers a High-Level Disinfection with the D60 according to the NEN-EN-ISO 15883. Within 15 minutes, all brands of equipment are ready for safe use with the next patient.



UV Smart works together with specialized partners to implement and test their technology in order to development the best products


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