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Log-5 disinfection of (electric) medical equipment in just 25 seconds


With Impelux™ technology based on UV, all pathogens (micro-bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi) are killed to log-5 (99,999%)


Reduce the spread of (resistant) pathogens through a consistent disinfection method without impacting the workflow

UV Smart D25

Treatment, diagnosis and care of patients is increasingly done through smarter and innovative equipment. These technological inventions are on the rise in the healthcare environment and pose therefore a major risk. Disinfection using wipes is not repeatable, damaging to equipment and time consuming for healthcare workers.


The UV Smart D25 solves all those problems in just 25 seconds. The Impelux ™ technology using UV light ensures safe, consistent and repeatable disinfection of (electrical) medical equipment without the use of harmful chemicals or liquids. This means the UV Smart D25 100% safe for equipment, materials and users.


The D25 provides a validated log-5 (99,999%) reduction of pathogens on all types of equipment and materials that fit in the disinfection chamber. The spacious interior offers many possibilities: new applications are still being found by users daily. UV Smart actively participates in the validation of these applications.


Disinfection time

Effective against

Safe for


ISO standard

Clinical evidence


25 seconds

B. subtilis, VRE, MRA, E. coli

Materials, equipment electronics and users


Compliant with NEN-EN 14885, NEN-EN 60601-1

Radboud UMC, VUmc, RKZ Beverwijk


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