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High Level disinfection of invasive probes and channelless endoscopes in just 1 minute


Using the Impelux ™ technology based on UV light, all pathogens (micro-bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi) are reduced to log-6 (99,9999%)


Reduce the turn-around time to just 15 minutes, therefore lowering inventory and increase patient safety

UV Smart D60


Endoscopes are under stricter supervision and require validation and a consistent process for cleaning and disinfection. These processes are focused on endoscopes with a working channel. The channelless endoscope undergoes the same extensive process, while it could go through a much more efficient operation. By applying a more efficient process you can save on the number of endoscopes, reduce turn-around times and reduce damage.


That is why UV Smart has developed the D60 with the pre-cleaning process, to ensure high-level disinfection in 1 minute according to NEN-EN-ISO 15883. After the fully validated and administered disinfection cycle, an endoscope is safe to use on a patient. As a result, fewer endoscopes are needed and the entire process can take place at the department without specialized personnel.


Invasive probes

Due to the large internal dimensions and various options, the D60 is also perfect for disinfecting invasive probes. Using the same steps as the endoscopes, (TEE) probes can be disinfected in the D60 as well. The UV Smart D60 also facilitates disinfection on vaginal and rectal ultrasound probes.


The UV Smart D60 will be tested internationally in 2019 in various hospitals, clinics and laboratories. If you want to be kept informed or receive more information about the UV Smart D60, please leave your details below.





Disinfection time

Effective against​

Safe for​


ISO standard

Endoscopes & Probes (TEE, Trans-vaginal & Transrectal)

60 seconds

B. subtilis, M avium, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, E. coli, K. pneumoniae

Materials, equipment electronics and users

High level disinfection

Log-6 on Mycobacterium & B. subtilis

Compliant with NEN-EN 14885, NEN-EN 60601-1


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