UV-C for a safer work environment


Professional disinfection for MKB, Hospitality, Education et al.


The Effective Cleaning Device (ECD) is an affordable, effective solution for disinfection of materials and resources in the catering industry, SMEs, offices, education and other sectors.

Safety for your customers and employees!

Do not give viruses and bacteria a chance, and show your clients, guests of employees that you also take their safety seriously with the ECD from UV Smart!

De Effective Cleaning Device (ECD) is an innovation of UV Smart, market leader in validated UV-C disinfection in healthcare. Based on that technology and expertise, UV Smart developed the ECD for professional application in a non-medical setting in early 2020.

What the ECD does for you:

  • Kills all bacteria and viruses
  • Super easy to use
  • Equipment fits in up to 42 (L) x 26 (W) x 15 (H) cm
  • Proven quality, scientifically substantiated
  • Four powerful UV-C lamps do not give Corona a chance
  • Automatic disinfection cycle in 25 seconds
  • Can be placed anywhere (15 kg), only a socket is required
  • Plug & Play, easy operation, safe design

*) Interested in scientific research on disinfection with UV-C light? You can use our Whitepaper here for free. Or find more information on our website website for medical professionals.

De ECD is applicable for disinfection of:

  • Glasses frames after trial by clients in an optical store
  • Visitors’ smartphones and tablets at the office
  • Magazines and toys in libraries and children’s centers
  • Hand scanners in the supermarket
  • VR glasses immediately after use in a game center
  • Menus, key cards and other catering devices
  • Meeting rooms devices
  • Security equipment, access badges, key cords
  • Chips and playing materials in gaming rooms

… And many more applications are conceivable, where reuse and safety play a role.

Industries where UV-C is applicable:

  • HORECA, conference centers
  • Theaters, cinemas, museums, casinos
  • Airports, Public Transport
  • Education, childcare, libraries
  • Gyms, sports clubs, fitness centers
  • Closed (GGZ and penitentiary) institutions
  • Showrooms, offices, shopping centers
  • Security, distribution and production
Why choose for UV-C disinfection?
Automatic disinfection with UV-C light is easy, effective and safe. No chemicals, steam or heat are needed. Using the ECD is easy to combine with hand hygiene.
Which expertise is behind it?
The ECD is based on UV Smart technology that is already used against the COVID virus and as a standard disinfection method in various hospitals and care institutions in the Netherlands, such as Radboudumc, LUMC, Martini Ziekenuis, Alrijne and others.
What are the advantages of the ECD?

This clean technology is suitable for electronic equipment such as remote controls, smartphones and handheld devices, as well as other plastic objects. Application is energy efficient and sustainable.

Why UV Smart?
Our patented Impelux Technology has been scientifically validated; UV Smart is ISO certified. This means that you are assured of the best available solution.

What can we do for you?

UV Smart is a MedTech company from Delft. Our enthusiastic team is happy to think along with you! For example:

  • Lease or spread payment is possible
  • A test period or test setup is possible
  • We can make a cost / benefit analysis for your business case
  • There are still a few copies available directly from stock
  • For larger orders, volume discount and branding can be discussed with your colors / brand image



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