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Ultrasound Probes




High-level disinfection of invasive probes (TEE, Trans-vaginal & Transrectal)


Semi-critical equipment endures a validated high-level disinfection within 1 minute


With Impelux ™ technology, increased patient safety is created in every healthcare institution

Invasive probes are classified as "semi-critical" equipment, meaning they are processed between disinfection and sterilization. This grade is defined as "high-level" disinfection. Nevertheless, manual high-level disinfection isn’t possible to validate, and sterilization is impossible due to damage to the equipment. Therefore, to ensure patient safety, protective measures such as condoms and covers are often used.


However, the functioning of a condom is only 99.9% safe for pathogens and is uncomfortable for the patient. To overcome these problems, UV Smart has developed the D60 for a high-level reproduceable and validated disinfection. In combination with UV Smart’s pre-cleaning process, a validated log-6 reduction is achieved with in 1 minute. By doing so the risk is reduced by a factor 100 and the probe covers, or condoms become unnecessary.


In addition, the Impelux™ technology in the UV Smart D60 is more effective against Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) than any other current disinfection method. The fast disinfection cycle that is safe for all materials and equipment, make the UV Smart D60 the perfect solution for the disinfection of invasive probes.


TEE probes

The UV Smart D60 is also suitable for TEE probes. While using UV Smarts processes, the pre-cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of the probe are validated and administered. By doing so, the manual administration is replaced while guaranteeing the disinfection.

UV Smart D60

60 seconds disinfection, plug & play installation

Validated log-6 (99,9999%) disinfection and administrated for every probe - also TEE probes

100% safe for materials, electronics and users - effective against HPV and STDs