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High-level disinfection of channelless endoscopes.

Within 1 minute an endoscope is high-level disinfected according to the NEN-EN-ISO 15883.


Reduces the turn-around time to just 15 minutes, therefore lowering the inventory of expensive endoscopes.

Channelless endoscopes fall under the same cleaning and disinfection processes as endoscopes with a working channel. This process, defined by the NEN-EN-ISO 15883 and the manual for flexible endoscopes (SFERD), is an inefficient process for channelless endoscopes to guarantee high-level disinfection.


It leads to an excessively long processing and turn-around times, meaning the increasing need for a large inventory of expensive endoscopes by hospital departments. Additionally, the current process facilitates potential damage during transport and handling of these devices, resulting in an even more costly process.


UV Smart has developed the D60 to solve this problem. In combination with pre-cleaning, the D60 ensures a validated high-level disinfection in 1 minute. UV Smart’s Impelux ™ technology using UV light is safe for devices, users, and patients. Due to the large internal dimensions and the ergonomic design of the D60, all types of endoscopes can be disinfected.


Each type of endoscope is (pre) cleaned and disinfected in three steps. Each step is validated and administered with the UV Smart D60, which can be documented centrally or communicated with existing reporting systems. The process ensures error-free treatment of endoscopes and full traceability.


UV Smart D60

60 seconds disinfection, plug & play installation

Validated disinfection of log-6 (99,9999%) and traceability of endoscopes, documented in reporting systems

100% safe for materials, electronics and users. Suitable for all endoscopes