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Impelux™ technology




Fast and repeatable disinfection, effective against all pathogens (micro-bacteria, fungi, yeasts & viruses)


Impelux ™ technology based on UV ensures medical equipment to be safely disinfected without using any harmful chemicals and liquids


Prevent the spread of (resistant) pathogens and meet the latest requirements in the field of disinfection

Rapid disinfection cycle

Minimal impact on the workflow


Patented Impelux™ technology using UV


Guaranteed disinfection without damaging equipment or materials

Validated disinfection

Repeatable disinfection with a consistent kill-rate

Proven by clinical studies

Optical sensors ensure consistent performance

Damage and chemicals free

No use of harmful chemicals or liquids

Impelux™ technology has no damaging effect on materials or equipment

Safely disinfect any type of medical device