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UV-C light is the name of a certain spectrum of the (invisible) light. This bandwidth of light is extremely suitable for so-called UV-C disinfection where microorganisms are killed by damaging the molecular connections of organic molecules such as DNA & RNA.

As a result, the microorganism dies and can no longer reproduce.


UV-C disinfection is already used in water, air and surface disinfection, but not yet in healthcare.  


UV Smart is an expert of UV-C disinfection and believes that UV-C can contribute

to a safer environment for patients and healthcare professionals.  


We are happy to visit you for a training on UV-C and to discuss what this can mean in your institution.  










The following topics are covered during the training:

  • UV disinfection technology UV light (A, B & C)

  • Effectiveness UV-C

  • Lamps

  • Material effects

  • Safety

  • Advantages and disadvantages of UV-C

  • Applicability in healthcare

  • Research results


Target audience:

Expert Infection Prevention, Nurse, DSMH, DSRD  



Knowledge transfer UV-C technology.

After completing this training you will have a good understanding of what UV-C disinfection entails and what this can mean for healthcare.  


Date, time and location

To be determined in consultation with you  


Expensive: About 1 ½ hour



There are no costs associated with this training  



Accreditation has been requested from VHIG

Training UV-C


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