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Medical Equipment




Log-5 disinfection (99,999%) of (electronic) medical equipment

Rapid disinfection with minimal impact on the workflow

To ensure a validated & repeatable disinfection to create a safer and bacteria-free environment

The use of medical equipment enables healthcare workers to work more efficiently and give better care to patients. Large devices are replaced by smart and small innovations, that support healthcare workers during the treatment, diagnosis and care of patients.


However, the additional disadvantages are less known. All these kinds of innovative medical devices rotate between patients & healthcare workers, which leads to the spread of diseases. The current disinfection solution is time consuming, damages electrical equipment and is not consistent. In short, there is no consistent, repeatable, validated and safe disinfection solution.


UV Smart has developed the D25 to disinfect any medical equipment and materials without using liquids or harmful chemicals. In just 25 seconds all pathogens (bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi) are successfully killed on all medical equipment. Each cycle is validated to ensure items are fully disinfected and safe to use on patients.


With the help of UV Smarts Impelux™ technology, the D25 is always ready and safe for use. The intuitive usage of the D25 enables employees to easily integrate in their workflow. The D25 is designed in a robust manner, so that it can be used in challenging environments. The accompanying cart facilitates transportation of the equipment for the healthcare worker to use the UV Smart D25 in every environment.


The large internal dimensions of the D25 enable the disinfection of a wide variety of materials and devices. The disinfection is 100% safe for electronics, materials and users. New applicable medical equipment for the UV Smart D35 is found daily by our users. So do not limit your scope!

UV Smart D25

25 seconds disinfection, plug & play installation

Proven effectiveness: log-5 reduction (99,999%) on Bacillus Subtilis, VRE and MRSA

100% safe for materials, equipment and users