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UV Smart prevents the spread of pathogens by using an efficient disinfection technology method to create a safe environment for healthcare workers and patients. Due to the rapid disinfection method it has minimal impact on the workflow. After disinfection, the medical device can be used immediately after without risk to the user nor the patient.

UV Smart D25

Consistent and repeatable disinfection of electrical medical equipment and materials. The UV Smart D25 validates every cycle of 25 seconds to ensure a guaranteed log-5 (99,999%) bacterial reduction. By an intuitive handling of the device, patients and healthcare workers are protected against the spread of resistant pathogens.


UV Smart D60

A faster turnaround time of channelless endoscopes and invasive probes. In just three steps, UV Smart delivers a High-Level Disinfection with the D60 in 1 minute according to the NEN-EN-ISO 15883. In an instant, all brands of equipment are ready for safe use.