Research: evidence for validated disinfection

UV Smart supports scientific research and invests in thorough clinical and equipment tests. In many trials, the method appears to be more effective and practical than disinfection with, for example, hydrogen peroxide or disinfection wipes. Consistency has also been confirmed in a practical clinical setting with more than 1000 disinfection cycles in 2 weeks. Based on this research and the literature already available, the application of UV-C disinfection with UV Smart equipment can be confidently called ‘evidence based’. This is an overview of completed research with UV Smart equipment; more publications are expected soon.
Research Authors Conclusions
D25 Laboratoria test against micro-organisms on medical devices M. Euser, PhD., Streeklab Haarlem December 2019 A treatment of only 25 seconds reduced a consistent log-5 reduction
D25 Clinical test with 400 samples of different sorts of medical devices in use at several departments Dr. Hopman & S. Cremers. RadboudUMC, December 2018

100% score on bacterial reduction to 0.

D25  Similar research to safely and consistent disinfection of mobile calling systems M. Lokate, UMCG Groningen. 2019 UV application  exceeded current, manual methods in effectiveness and convenience.
D25 UV-C disinfection of  ENT-endoscopes in practice S.Aa. Rudhart et al, 2020 Endoscopes can be quickly and effectively disinfected to a log 5 level in the clinical ENT setting
D60 Validation research to efficiency M. Euser, PhD., Streeklab Haarlem,  December 2019 Disinfection-result  ≥ Log-6-reduction on bacteria, fungi, yeast, spores, mycobacteria and tuberculosis.
Nood-versie Methods for disinfection of mouth masks for threatening shortages during a pandemic. J. Kalpoe &  J. Sinnige, Streeklab Haarlem, 2020 UV is effective against bacteria, fungi, yeast, spores, and mycobacteria en useful alternative disinfection methods for FFP2 and  FFP1 masks.
Nood-versie Filtration research mouth masks after 8 cycles of UV disinfection TU Delft / Reinier de Graaf hospital, 2020 UV-disinfection shows that the filtration capacity of FFP-2 masks stays unaffected
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