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With the Impelux ™ technology based on UV light, UV Smart offers a fast and effective disinfection method which is 100% safe for users, materials, and equipment. Without the use of any harmful chemicals or liquids, all pathogens (micro-bacteria, viruses, yeasts & fungi) are successfully killed on various medical devices.

Impelux™ technology

Guaranteed disinfection without damage to materials or equipment. UV Smart’s Impelux ™ technology based on UV-C ensures an easy integration into existing work processes.

Validated disinfection​

Controlled process for a consistent and verified result. Every cycle is measured and validated by optical sensors for a perfect disinfection. Consistent and repeatable disinfection is easier than ever before.

Damage and chemical free

Medical instruments and devices are rapidly and easily disinfected without liquids or harmful chemicals. UV Smart’s Impelux™ technology is not damaging to materials or equipment and can be used safely on all equipment.


Clinical evidence

Laboratory tests

The Streeklab Haarlem subjected the UV Smart D25 to controlled tests with the most resistant bacteria (Bacillus subtilis spores, MRSA, VRE etc.) on real-life medical equipment. With the disinfection cycle of just 25 seconds, a consistent log-5 (99,999%) reduction was demonstrated.

Clinical tests

The Radboud University Hospital conducted a study with 400 samples of different types of medical equipment from various departments. The UV Smart D25 proved to be effective on all devices by reducing to zero all pathogens found on the devices.

Academic tests

The University Hospital in Groningen looked for a safe and consistent disinfection of their new mobile communication system. The UV Smart D25 surpassed all current chemical methods in effectiveness on (resistant) pathogens.