Application in healthcare

UV Smart’s UV-C disinfection devices minimize the risk of micro-organisms spreading. This contributes to creating the safest possible care environment for patients and healthcare professionals. Because the disinfection is done quickly, the method is easy to integrate into existing work processes. For example, in ICUs or in nursing home isolation, medical instruments and personal masks are disinfected, if the healthcare provider moves from one patient to the next, or in between shifts. The device is always available in the department. During the short disinfection cycle, the caregiver is given a reminder to sanitize their hands.
Because the materials in the reflective interior of the UV box lie on a transparent glass plate, they are well exposed all around and there is no drop shadow, for example from a metal rack. After disinfection, medical instruments and equipment can be used again without risk for the caregiver or patient.


Doctor micriobiologist Jan Sinnige Streeklab Haarlem “Although mouth nose masks are in principle not intended for reuse, in this emergency it is now possible with personal masks that are used on the same day. And in addition to disinfecting masks, the device can also be used for disinfecting small medical devices such as stethoscopes, etc. ”
Prof H. van Goor Radboudumc Nijmegen “The UV boxes have been purchased for the disinfection of medical devices, such as wrist cabinets and cables, to continuously monitor patients for vital signs. Also patient-bound tablets, smartphones, and VR glasses, smartphones and stethoscopes of employees can be disinfected in this way. This is a huge asset in reducing the virus load and the chance of transmission of the corona virus.”

Drs. Hans van Willenswaard Manager Zonnehuis Behandelcentrum, Zonnehuisgroep Amstelland

“We started with the UV Smart in mid-April. It is simple and fast. We can reuse FFP2 face masks up to 7 times. This is interesting from a cost perspective and we are also gaining time to replenish our stock in a timely manner in these uncertain times. Also bands of the blood pressure monitors and thermometers have already been disinfected. ”

Jip Pluim Klinische Fysica Reinier de Graaf Ziekenhuis / TU-Delft

“We see no influence of UV lighting on the filter capacity of the different masks. Also with 800 sec UV exposure (8x disinfection cycle) the filter capacity does not decrease. ”