Safety and efficiency

Since the early 1900s, experience has been gained with the use of UV-C light for disinfection. This was first used for water purification, and later also in food technology. Medical application started with air treatment in operating rooms and hospitals. The light does not affect surfaces of equipment, materials or aids, which makes its application relatively simple and safe.
Viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms are extremely vulnerable to the high-energy UV-C light, but of course this is also harmful to humans. Therefore, no light can escape from UV Smart devices.
And since no residue is left (as could happen with chemical disinfection), and the lamp turns itself off after each cycle, the application is completely safe.

Efficiency of UV-C further defined

  • UV-C light has a deadly photo-chemical effect on hereditary material of micro-organisms
  • The light fuses adjacent nucleic acids in the DNA chain
  • Only a small amount of light energy is required for this
  • As a result, UV-C effectively inactivates the virus after only a few seconds of exposure
  • A low-pressure mercury vapor lamp mainly emits that light
  • This makes UV-C technology suitable for disinfection of medical equipment