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Disinfection of medical instruments and equipment in just 25 seconds


Using the Impelux ™ technology based on UV-C, all microorganisms are killed to log-5


Reduce the spread of microorganism through a validated, safe and user-friendly disinfection method that is easy to integrate into existing work processes

UV Smart D25

Healthcare-related infections are a common health care problem. These infections can be prevented if health care is used in a more hygienic way. Increasing use of medical instruments and equipment poses a high risk of spreading microorganisms. A consistent method of cleaning and disinfection is required for safe use (WIP, 2017).


Due to the lack of a consistent and controlled disinfection method, healthcare providers are nowadays assigned to manual methods with wipes and disinfectants. A high level disinfection cannot always be achieved with these methods.  Therefore, the safety for patients and caregivers cannot be guaranteed.


The UV Smart D25 contributes to a safer healthcare environment in just 25 seconds. The Impelux ™ technology using UV-C ensures a validated, safe and user-friendly disinfection of medical instruments and equipment without the use of chemicals or liquid fills. It also stimulates optimal hand hygiene. 


Disinfection time

Effective against

Safe for


ISO standard

Clinical evidence

Medical instruments and equipment

25 seconds

B. subtilis, VRE, MRA, E. coli

Materials, equipment electronics and users


NEN EN 14885 used as reference

Compliant with NEN-EN 60601-1

Radboud UMC, VUmc, RKZ Beverwijk


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