Automated. Fast.
No Consumables.

Designed for healthcare teams prioritizing patient safety and workflow efficiency, the UV Smart D45 provides fast, automated, and traceable disinfection for ultrasound probes.

Its instant high-level disinfection process, free from consumables, helps mitigate the risk of infections, including STDs and HPV spread, ensuring both infection control and sustainability.

Automated & Traceable

Ensures consistent, reliable, and traceable results with each use.

Infection Control

Limits the spread of STDs and HPV from probe’s surface.

Sustainability & Cost Efficiency

No use of water, wipes, chemicals, or consumables during the disinfection process.

On-the-spot disinfection

Adapts to various clinical settings: Can be placed on a table, on a cart or on the wall.

Experience our newest disinfection solution, UV Smart D45.

High level disinfection of ultrasound probes using UV-C light.

UV Smart D45: Fast. Automated. No Consumables.

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CE Certificate

The D45 has CE certification (MDR Class IIa).


The D45 is not registered at the FDA.


Our product complies with NEN-EN 61010 (Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use- Secondary standard: Electromagnetic disturbances - Requirements and tests).

This certificate means that the D45 complies with the general safety requirements for laboratory electrical equipment.

The EN 14885 standard is used as a reference for the efficacy of the D45 (Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Application of European

Standards for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics). Efficacy results are in line with this standard, meaning that the equipment achieves the same (or higher) level of disinfection as chemicals solution such as wipes, sprays, and liquids (as there is currently no guideline for UV-C).

UV Smart Technologies B.V. has held the EN-ISO 13485 certificate since 2020. This certification is the international standard for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of medical devices to demonstrate that they meet the legal requirements for medical devices.

Patent protection

Impelux™ is a patented technology that uses UV-C for guaranteed disinfection without damaging equipment and with validated and continuous effectiveness.

Technical specifications

Disinfection of wired ultrasound probes


Width: 390mm

Depth: 200mm

Height: 525mm

Disinfection chamber

Width: 140mm

Depth: 118mm

Height: 380mm

Power cable

Length: 2m

Effective against

Bacteria, yeast, fungus, spores, mycobacteria and viruses

Clinical evidence

The disinfection efficiency of the UV Smart D45 has been validated and proven by extensive research conducted in medical center such as Marburg University (Germany). Studies have also been conducted in clinical laboratory Eurofins (Italy).


Eurofins concluded that D45 meets the European standard for disinfection of medical devices. Conclusion: D45 meets the EN-14885 standards for the full spectrum of microorganisms.

Marburg University*

Following favourable results of disinfection with rigid endoscopes using Impelux™ technology, Marburg University investigated the effectiveness of disinfection of ultrasounds probe with the D45. The study concluded that UV-C light-based reprocessing demonstrated a substantial reduction in bacterial contamination, making it a promising approach for disinfection of ultrasound probes in ORL. The UV-C light system used in this study consistently delivered reproducible results and exhibited compatibility with non-critical medical devices.

*These studies are available upon request from

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