Protect patients and employees with medical UV-C disinfection equipment

Prevent healthcare-associated infections.
Use our validated, CE certified and FDA registered Impelux™ technology.

Preventing contamination with micro-organisms is a challenge every day. Staff spend a lot of time disinfecting medical instruments. Without proper disinfection, hospital infections can occur.

  • 6%

    of all hospital patients become infected with viruses or bacteria
  • 4,1

    million patients a year in Europe get a healthcare-associated infection
  • 1,5

    billion dollars worldwide in hospital costs due to healthcare-associated infections
Proven by clinical research in

The Impelux™ technology is effective and proven by research conducted in academic medical centers and clinical laboratories in the Netherlands, Germany, United States of America and more.

Sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly

No use of chemicals and water. Fewer disposables needed. The use is energy efficient, with low energy consumption. UV Smart is committed to the Green Deal.

Effective on the full spectrum of micro-organisms

The Impelux™ technology achieves a minimum of a log-4 reduction on the full spectrum of micro-organisms on hard non-porous surfaces.

What our users say

Simple and fast

In a nursing home, we see that bacteria such as MRSA are more common, and we use the D25 to protect our patients.


The D25's are an asset

The D25's are an asset in reducing the viral load and the risk of coronavirus transmission. Important in this day and age


Great for all small devices

It can also be used to disinfect small medical devices such as stethoscopes and the like.


A simple procedure

Compared to conventional methods to disinfect endoscopes, it is a cost-effective and simple procedure.


More time for patients

With the arrival of the D60, we have a lot of time left and can devote more care to the patients. That's what we do it for, after all.


The D60 is sustainable

Using the D60 is a sustainable disinfection option. This method produces no waste like other methods.


Our purpose is to develop validated, fast and safe UV-C reprocessing equipment

With an enthusiastic team, we work on the research, development and distribution of UV-C disinfection equipment for the healthcare sector.

More about our purpose

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