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Press Release: Revolutionary UV Smart D60 Reduces CO2 Emissions and Increases Efficiency in Healthcare


UV Smart's D60 transforms healthcare disinfection, cuts CO2 emissions, saves time, and enables efficient disinfection of ENT scopes, reducing repair costs and improving availability.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Rijswijk, June 27, 2023


At UV Smart, our purpose is to accelerate sustainable healthcare by revolutionizing the disinfection industry. We are committed to providing our resellers and end-users with innovative disinfection devices that reduce the use of chemicals and enable fast, economical, and chemical-free disinfection. Today, we are pleased to share that the UV Smart D60, our flagship product, is leading the way in achieving these goals.


A recent study has revealed that the UV Smart D60, a device used for disinfecting flexible channel-less ENT scopes, is not only the most sustainable but also the most time-efficient method for disinfection. The study, conducted in collaboration with UV Smart, has shown that the UV Smart D60 can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and save valuable time in healthcare settings.


The UV Smart D60 disinfection process, which shifts from Central Sterilization to Decentralized Sterilization, has numerous benefits. It reduces transportation and shortens turnaround times, leading to less damage to endoscopes and lower repair and replacement costs. The device also allows endoscopes to be always available on-site, eliminating the need for follow-up appointments and enabling doctors to perform more endoscopies.

“To put this in perspective, the amount of CO2 emissions saved by purchasing the D60 equates to powering the Eiffel Tower for an impressive 119 days.”


The study compared the UV Smart D60 to the Medivators Advantage Plus pass-thru disinfection washer by Cantel. The results showed that by using the UV Smart D60, healthcare facilities could save 1547 liters of chemicals, 7875 liters ofwater, 3686.8 KWh of energy, and 2772 kilometers of transportation annually. This translates to a significant reduction in environmental impact. In terms of CO2 emissions, this means a decrease of 8703.65 kilograms (or approximately 19,180 pounds) per year. To put this in perspective, the amount of CO2 emissions saved by purchasing the D60 equates to powering the Eiffel Tower for an impressive 119 days.


“If a UV Smart D60 is used for disinfection of flexible channel-less ENT endoscopes at the main location, 2.5 FTE per year can be saved.”


In terms of time efficiency, the UV Smart D60 takes only 12 minutes for the turnaround time, compared to 60-96 minutes with the current disinfection method. This could result in significant time savings for healthcare staff. Atthe main location, using the UV Smart D60 for disinfection of flexible channel-less ENT endoscopes could save 2.5 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) per year.


Despite the clear benefits of the UV Smart D60, some guidelines regarding endoscopedisinfection are outdated. In the Netherlands, UV-C disinfection is included in the Steering Group for Flexible Endoscope Cleaning and Disinfection (SFERD,2022). However, UV-C is not always included in national regulations in other countries. Therefore, implementing this innovative method requires a change in guidelines, and pragmatic handling of these regulations is advised forinfection control & reprocessing specialists.


The study concludes that the UV Smart D60 is a cost-effective, sustainable, and time-efficient solution for disinfecting channel-less endoscopes. It calls for further research to examine the method in different hospitals and for updates to guidelines to include UV-C disinfection.

For a more detailed look at the UV Smart D60's impact on healthcare disinfection and sustainability, we invite you to recieve our comprehensive white paper. Explore in-depth research, gain deeper insights into its benefits, and understand how this revolutionary device can transform your healthcare environment.

Click here to download the whitepaper and learn more about this game-changing solution.

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