Validated UV-C disinfection in healthcare

Disinfection with high-energy UV-C light has been proven effective and safe. UV Smart makes this technology applicable for validated disinfection of medical instruments and equipment.
The result: a safer environment for healthcare professionals and their patients.
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Validated UV-C disinfection in healthcare


Disinfection of medical instruments and equipment


High-level disinfection of ultrasound probes and channel-less endoscopes

Emergency version

Temporary solution for COVID-19 pandemic

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Evidence, in-service training and scientific sources.

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Dr H. van Willenswaard
Verpleeghuis Zonnehuis

“It is simple and fast. We now reuse FFP2 mouth masks up to 7 times. That is also interesting from a cost perspective.”

Prof H. van Goor

“The boxes are an asset in reducing the virus load and the chance of transmission of the corona virus.”

Dr J. Sinnige
Streeklab Haarlem

“The device can also be used for disinfection of small medical devices such as stethoscopes and the like.”


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