UV academy: Enlighten your UV-C knowledge

UV academy is UV Smart’s initiative to advance the successful use of UV-C light as a viral and bacterial disinfection method. To disseminate information and understanding about UV-C light for prevention of nosocomial (hospital) infections in the medical field, UV academy provides general information about UV-C light as a disinfection method and links to scientific publications,
research, news articles and upcoming events, such as congresses, symposiums and webinars.

What you should know about UV-C

What is UV-C, exactly?

  • High energy UV-C light (254 nm) at an optimal germicidal range
  • Light destroys DNA/RNA and acts on the full spectrum of infection-causing microbes (bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, norovirus, corona viruses, e-coli and others)
  • Not visible to the naked eye and UV-C is blocked by the atmosphere
  • Environmentally friendly low-energy and chemical-free
  • Is already used as an effective way to destroy the surface, water, and airborne microorganisms
  • In use for more than 60 years
  • UV-C light can be harmful to humans (can cause skin cancer & blindness) if not handled properly

UV academy e-library

We offer a collection of interesting presentations and webcasts about UV-C and other useful tools for medical professionals. The information is largely provided by
medical professionals who share their views on UV-C, and these views do not necessarily reflect the view of the company. The information is not peer reviewed and should not be
used to draw scientific medical conclusions or to make treatment decisions.

Webinar: Create a safe healthcare environment with validated UV-C disinfection in times of (post-) corona

J. Kalpoe, S. Cremers Dr. and H. Van Goor


Radboud UMC, Streeklab Haarlem



More to Surface Disinfection Than Meets the Eye

S. Ward-Fore


Infection Control Today



Disinfecting handheld electronic devices with UV-C in a healthcare setting

S. Cremers, C. Van Rossum, M. Dautzenberg e.a.


Infection Prevention in Practice



Physiotherapy elastic band disinfection by UV-C irradiation in an intensive care unit

A. Vavassori e.a.

Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, São Paulo, Brazil



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Use of UV-C

How does UV-C work?
Under the effect of UV-C, thymine base-pairs in a DNA strand bind to each other, rendering the DNA inactive and killing the hospital bacteria and viruses.

What is the distinct odor after a disinfection cycle?
After disinfection with UV-C lamps an odor can be identified. The odor is due to the chemical reaction in the microorganisms and is not harmful.

Does UV-C penetrate dirt, grime or debris?
No. Therefore, for optimal results, surfaces should be visually clean before being disinfected with UV-C light.

Does UV-C disinfection use any chemicals?
No. Only light is used, powered by a common wall outlet.

Is UV-C light harmful to humans?
Yes. However, all UV-C light used in UV Smart’s products is contained within the respective disinfection chambers, enabling safe use.